SARA at the 9th Annual Astronomy Festival on the National Mall

The Astronomy Festival on the National Mall in Washington DC is an annual event sponsored by Hofstra University and organized by Dr. Donald Lubowich,  Coordinator of Astronomy Outreach. This year the even was scheduled for Saturday June 23th from 6 to 11 pm, to feature solar, optical, and radio telescope observations of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn; hands-on activities, demonstrations, hand-outs, posters, banners, and videos...

SARA Western Conference - March 23-25, 2018, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA Conference Schedule

Abstracts for 2018 SARA Western Conference, Stanford Univ, Palo Alto, CA

2018 SARA Conference Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ron Maddalena

Dr. Ron Maddalena has been a member of the Science Operations group in Green Bank for 33 years. The overall objective of Science Operations is to provide the research community an easy-to-use, uniform set of services for all the observatory’s instruments. This includes helping observers use the GBT as well as help the staff develop the hardware, the tools, and the documentation that facilitate research efforts.

2018 SARA Western Conference Keynote Speaker: Dr. Carl Heiles

Dr. Heiles specializes in interstellar matter, radio astronomy, and numerical analysis. His research interests include the observational specification of the physical state of diffuse interstellar gas, especially the magnetic field and the HI/H2 transition. A recent second interest is the measurement of electron density and magnetic fields in Coronal Mass Ejections of the Sun and other stars.


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