Gamma Ray Burst Observations

by Rodney Howe, email ahowe at frii dot com

This page is for posting the potential GRB detection data that I collect, as well as any data posted by other SARA members. I hope I can thus get folks to participate. There was a GRB on November 12, coming from the direction of Perseus. Here are an image of the data and a detail. I seriously doubt that what looks like a GRB in this data, for this time, is the real thing, but it might get folks to looking, and sharing data.


Gyrator II VLF Receiver

by Rodney Howe, email ahowe at frii dot com

Circuit Description:


In Fort Collins, CO, SARA member Rodney Howe used a Radio Astronomy Supplies Spectra-Cyber receiver along with a two-dish hydrogen-line interferometer to produce the animated image below. He explains:


In Fort Collins, CO, SARA member Rodney Howe is doing hydrogen-line interferometry with a two-dish array and a Spectra-Cyber receiver. He sends us these images (clicking on each thumbnail will download the full high-resolution image):


Spectral Hydrogen, Continuum and Methanol Data Results, On Various Aperture Antennas

Jeffrey M. Lichtman jmlras at mindspring dot com
and Carl Lyster ctlyster at comcast dot net

Data may be displayed using conventional methods such as DOS, Windows Excel, or customized software for the system in use. In addition, data results will vary with different antenna types and aperture.


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