SARA Board of Directors

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position term name ham call email
Director 2019-2021 Wayne McCain KS0S  wayne_dot_mccain_at_athens_dot_edu
Director 2018-2020 Ed Harfmann N/A   edharfmann_at_comcast_dot_net
Director 2018-2020 Stephen Tzikas N/A  Tzikas_at_alum.rpi_dot_edu
Director 2019-2021 Charles Osborne K4CSO k4cso_at_twc_dot_com
Director-At-Large 2018-2020 David Westman N/A david.westman_at_engineeringretirees_dot_org
Director-At-Large 2019-2021 Jon Wallace N/A wallacefj_at_comcast_dot_net
Director-At-Large 2018-2020 Keith Payea AG6CI  kbpayea_at_bryantlabs_dot_net
Director Emeritus life Jeff Lichtman KI4GIY jeff_at_radioastronomysupplies dot com

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