Resources For Beginners (And Not-So-Beginners) In No Particular Order


(My Comments in Parentheses) – Jon Wallace


The following list is a ‘work-in-progress’. These are recommendations from members of SARA. I hope these resources will help you with your projects and education. If you have additional resources or topic ideas, please feel free to e-mail me through the SARA Education Coordinator contact page (under Contacts on the SARA website).


Basic (and Not So Basic) Radio Astronomy Sites


From Steve Tzikas:


From Wolfgang Hermann:

I have been trying to collect a list of online resources which provide the basics of radio astronomy for amateurs and maybe some more details stuff for the advanced amateur.

In my view there is not really a good resource to serve this purpose. I found a couple of tutorials but none of them was really convincing. The first two links below may come closest (they are based on the same material). Some of the other links may even deter people from dealing with the subject :-(



Radio Astronomy Help Resources



From Sue Ann Heatherly (Greenbank):

Last spring we started a website/wiki/forum mailing list called open source radio telescopes here:

It's a beginning. The listserve receives the most traffic, and can get technical-- but we are hoping to evolve this site into something beginners will find useful.


From Dave Typinski:


From Dr. Eng. Victor Herrero-Arrieta Ph.D. M.S. Ing.Ind.:

  • Wikipedia articles - can be downloaded in pdf format for offline study – (type in the subject you are interested in.)
  • The solar and planetary radio astronomy literature is vast, many papers are published every year, you may search for them at:

Downloadable Books


From Dave Typinski:

SDR Radio Project Sites


From Google Search:


From Marcus Leech:


From J-J. Maintoux – F1EHN

I did a short video showing our Galaxy measurement on 21 cm:




From Bill and Melinda Lord:

  • "Low Cost Hydrogen Line Radio Telescope for £160 using the RTL SDR." By Peter East 38 – in the July/August 2013 SARA Journal


From Wolfgang Hermann:


Radio JOVE Resources


From Dave Typinski:


Revisiting the Itty Bitty Telescope (IBT)



Crystal radio project: 3/24/17



Chip Sufitchi’s Meteor Radio Project



Projects on a Variety of RA Topics


From Bill and Melinda Lord:


From Dave Typinski:




Radio Astronomy History