New Website Sections Introduced; Further Enhancements to Come

By Stephen Tzikas

The latest addition to the SARA website is a new tab on the header bar called SARA Sections, in addition to the tabs  already there for: Home; Education; Administrative Info; Forum; Projects; Links; Photo Gallery; The SARA Store; and RASDR. The tab for the SARA Sections will bring the visitor to an Introduction page, under which will be 6 SARA Sections. The purpose of these sections is to create a more intuitive website experience when visitors view the SARA webpage. This will help enhance the website with a similar feature seen with other national astronomy organizations like that of AAVSO and ALPO.  These organizations use sections to organize astronomical research/interest along terms that are more familiar to the public and which offer background and context to everything else on their website.  The new sections do not alter any existing content and are envisioned as an ongoing project with further refinements.  These refinements will include linking the sections to the Table of Contents for the SARA Journal; linking to the topics in the SARA Listserv; adding more information to the section pages; and information on observing awards.  Another phased enhancement will include bringing updates, background, and context to existing SARA links primarily found on the SARA Projects webpage.

Now that each section is created and posted, we hope we can find section coordinators and members who will be responsible for further enhancements and answering emails from individuals who have an interest in the section and want to join it as their focus within SARA.  If you have an interest in becoming a section coordinator please contact me at  If more than one person is interested in the same section, the possibilities exist for assistant coordinators and sub-section coordinators. 

Section Introduction Page