SARA Mentors


The following SARA members have volunteered to serve as mentors for fellow members in their local regions. Feel free to address your queries to the nearest listed mentor. Please be aware that SARA mentors serve in a volunteer capacity, and may not be able to respond promptly to your query. If you are not yet a SARA member, and wish to avail yourself of this personal membership service, we encourage you to first join the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers. Should you wish to serve as a SARA volunteer mentor, please send your name, geographical region, and email address to Jon Wallace, at wallacefj_at_comcast_dot_net . Volunteer mentors are asked to please keep us informed of any changes in email address or status. Note: To assist our email filters, please include 'SARA' in the subject line of any emails sent to SARA volunteers. Thank you.


Region (US)                               Name                              Email address


Alabama                                     Paul Oxley                      oxleys_at_att_dot_net


California                                   Curt Kinghorn                 curtkinghorn at gmail dot com


Maine                                Jon Wallace                    wallacefj_at_comcast_dot_net


Florida                                        Tom Crowley                  crowleytj_at_hotmail_dot_com


Georgia                                       Tom Crowley                  crowleytj_at_hotmail_dot_com


Hawaii                                        Richard Flagg                  rf_at_hawaii.rr_dot_com


Iowa                                           Bill & Melinda Lord       ap_guardian_at_yahoo_dot_com


North Carolina                            Mark Gibson                  quinleyking at gmail dot com


Oregon (mainly SW)                   Dennis Recla                  DRecla at charter dot net


Pennsylvania                              Jim Brown                      starmanjb at comcast dot net


Pennsylvania                              Kerry Smith                    wb3cal_at_comcast_dot_net


South Carolina                            Mark Gibson                  quinleyking at gmail dot com


Tennessee (East)                         David Fields                   fieldsde_at_aol_dot_com


Texas (East)                                Jeff Lichtman                 jeff at radioastronomysupplies dot com


Texas (West)                               Jeff Lichtman                jeff at radioastronomysupplies dot com


Vermont                                     John St. Louis                John.St.Louis_at_uvm_dot_edu


Virginia                                       Mark Gibson                  quinleyking at gmail dot com


Washington                                 David Westman             david.westman **at** engineeringretirees **dot** org


Region (non-US)                        Name                             Email address


Canada                                       Jeffrey Brower               jbrower at meteorchaser dot net


France                                         Alain Nierveze               nierveze at radio-astronomie dot com


UK (Northern Counties)             John McKay                  3peaks_at_daelnet_dot_co_dot_uk


Norway                                      Jan Lustrup                    j-lustru at online dot no


Region (Worldwide)


In addition, we now have members who are willing to do long-distance mentoring, so if you don’t see your region listed, please contact one of these members:


Jon Wallace                             wallacefj_at_comcast_dot_net


Bill & Melinda Lord                ap_guardian_at_yahoo_dot_com


Tom Crowley                           crowleytj_at_hotmail_dot_com




We are compiling a listing we are calling the “Tech Group” - people willing to help with individual technical questions on a variety of subjects. Contact with one of these people will be through the Mentors to protect the volunteer’s privacy. If you are interested in volunteering for this group please contact Jon Wallace (wallacefj_at_comcast_dot_net)




We are also compiling a listing of speakers on radio astronomy topics. If you are interested in contacting someone from this list please contact a Mentor as well. If you are interested in volunteering for this group please contact Jon Wallace (wallacefj_at_comcast_dot_net)




Members helping members