2017 Green Bank Conference Proceedings on USB Flash drive

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Table of Contents


  • Abstracts
  • SARA Sections Update 2016
  • Introduction to Radio Astronomy
  • A Survey of Signal Sources for Future Meteor Observations
  • NRAO Green Bank Forty Foot Telescope Update
  • SARA Mobile Interferometer at NRAO Green Bank
  • Searching for ET in All the Wrong Places
  • 21 cm Adventures - Building Antennas and Using SDR’s
  • Radio Astronomy and Girl Scouts
  • Radio Astronomy - The Adventure Begins
  • Special Interest Group within the VBAS
  • Radio Astronomy SDR SWOT Analysis
  • RASDR Unbound: Moving Toward RASDR4
  • Learning by Assembling a 1420 MHz Radio Telescope
  • Circuit Ground Concepts
  • 20 Meter Dish DEMO
  • Green Bank 40 Foot Antenna Manual