2015 Western Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM

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Table of Contents


  • Conference Schedule
  • Map of Campus
  • Parking Map
  • About KIPAC
  • Abstracts
  • An Off-The-Shelf 611 MHz Total Power Radio Telescope (Part 0x03), Ken Redcap
  • A Portable, Calibrated VLF Field Strength Measurement Receiver and Loop Antenna, Tom Hagen
  • The Dipole Array Radio Telescope (DART), Ray Fobes
  • Sudden Frequency Deviations Due to Solar Flares, Part I ~ Concepts, Whitham D. Reeve
  • Sudden Frequency Deviations Due to Solar Flares, Part II ~ Instrumentation and Observations, Whitham D. Reeve
  • An Overview of the Radio JOVE Project, Chuck Higgins
  • Monitoring the Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances, Ahmed Ammar and Hassen Ghalila
  • Introduction to Radio Astronomy, Jon Wallace
  • SARA Student and Teacher Grant Program