2011 Conference Proceedings Now Available

Now available-- 2011 Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM.

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SARA 2011

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2011 SARA Proceedings

Table of Contents



  • Conference Schedule
  • Ladies Tour Schedule
  • Introduction to the Interstellar Medium (ISM) -Tom Crowley
  • Processing Data from the Phased Switched Interferometer - Bruce Randall
  • Radio Astronomy at Morehead State University - Jeff Kruth
  • Sky Scan - a radio astronomy education program - Dave Cleary
  • A Continuing Campaign of Radio Monitoring Observations of Blazers with the Morehead State University 20 Meter Space Tracking Antenna - Caleb Grimes
  • 50 MHz Observations of the Galactic Plane - John Younger
  • Radio Astronomy Software Defined Receiver Project - Paul Oxley et al.
  • Key Note Speaker - Early History of the NRAO at Green Bank - Frank Ghigo
  • An Advanced Riometer platform based on SDR Techniques - Marcus Leech
  • Detection of Jupiter Radio Emissions well below the Plasma Cutoff Frequency - Implementations for SID Monitoring - David E. Fields
  • Position Sensors for a microprocessor controlled Antenna Mount - Paul Oxley
  • A Mobile Solar Observatory - Christopher Queen & David E. Fields
  • Die, Mr. Noise, DIE! - Dave Benham, et al.