2010 SARA Conference Proceedings Available

Now available-- 2010 Conference Proceedings on USB memory only. Members: $20 postpaid in US, $25 postpaid elsewhere. non-members: add $5 US. Ordering Instructions
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2010 SARA Proceedings

Table of Contents



  • The Radio JOVE Project - Shoestring Radio Astronomy; Jim Thieman, Dick Flagg, Wes Greenman, Franscisco Reyes, Jim Sky, Chuck Higgins
  • Statistical Methods for 20 MHz Continuum Measurements using the Radio Jove RJ 1.2 Dipole Array; By John G. Younger, MD, MS
  • Interfacing A Pan/Tilt Mount To Planetarium Software; Paul Oxley
  • A 408MHz Phase Switched Interferometer; Bruce Randall
  • Geomagnetometry for Amateur Radio Astronomer; Whitham Reeve
  • The Inspire Project; Kathleen Franzen
  • Amateur Solar Radio Astronomy: An Integrated Approach; John Mannone
  • Research on the Structure and Dynamics of Spiral Galaxies; Bruce Rout
  • Observations of Pulsars at 26.3 and 45 MHz using Two Large Arrays; Francisco Reyes
  • The Space Weather Monitor Program; Nicholas Gross and Deborah Scherrer
  • Radio Astronomy with Moby Dish; David Fields and Stan Kurtz
  • Forget the X-Box, kids; let’s have some fun with some real toys!; Jim Moravec
  • 40-Foot Radio Telescope Operator’s Manual