Proceedings, 2009 Conference of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

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SARA 2009

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2009 SARA Proceedings

Table of Contents


  • Letter of Welcome from SARA President Tom Crowley
  • SARA Mission Statement
  • 2009 SARA Conference Schedule
  • 2009 SARA Conference Abstracts
  • Announcement of Keynote Speaker, Dr. Jill Tarter
  • Fifty years of SETI science and technology, by Prof. H. Paul Shuch
  • 16 million channels and there's nothing on! by Marcus Leech
  • The magic of Maxwell, by John C. Mannone
  • Cosmology and the Big Bang, by Jon Wallace
  • Radio astronomy at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, by Ray Fobes
  • A radio astronomy phased array for pulsar detection, by Ray Fobes
  • Employing polarization-sensitive antennas in radio astronomy, by David Fields and Stan Kurtz
  • A multi-band feedhorn for radio astronomy, by Paul Oxley
  • First observations with the Allen Telescope Array, by Dr. Jill Cornell Tarter (Keynote Presentation)
  • Project Argus progress report, by Prof. H. Paul Shuch
  • All-mode RA/SETI receiver based on Gnu Radio and USRP, by Marcus Leech
  • Using the IBT disk set, by Jon Wallace
  • Proposing a new Radio Quiet Zone on the farside of the moon, by Claudio Maccone
  • NRAO 40 foot radio telescope operator's manual, by Richard F. Bradley, Benjamin Malphrus, and Sue Ann Heatherly
  • Solar astronomy: plasma detection at radio frequencies, by Rodney Howe
  • An improved feed support assembly for a parabolic dish, by David Ocame
  • Real and imaginary components of the signal spectral density function, by Jamie Riggs
  • The Day the Earth Stood Out, by Prof. H. Paul Shuch
  • GRBs and HEPs connected events, by James VanProoyen