Proceedings, 2008 Conference of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

Now available -- Proceedings, 2008 Conference of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers. June 2008. Published by the American Radio Relay League. ISBN 0-87259-136-0.
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Table of Contents


  • Dedication
  • Letter of Welcome from SARA President Charles Osborne
  • SARA Mission Statement
  • 2008 SARA Conference Schedule
  • 2008 SARA Conference Abstracts
  • Announcement of Keynote Speaker, Dr. Steven J. Dick
  • Cosmology and Biology, by Dr. Steven J. Dick, Chief Historian, NASA
  • FFT Simplified, by Bruce Randall, WD4JQV
  • A remotely accessible Amateur Radio Astronomy Observatory, by Charles Forster, WA9ACI
  • Innovative Experiments for the Radio Astronomy Classroom, by John C. Mannone
  • Characterizing a Microwave Radiometer for Solar Plasma Observations, by Jamie Riggs
  • The Biggest Offset Dish in the World, by Charles Osborne, K4CSO
  • Ku-band Microwave Radio Astronomy Interferometry Laboratory, by David Fields, N4HBO,
  • TAOSON - Tamke Allan Observatory Solar Observation Network, by Bill Lord
  • Searching for Earthlike Planets, by James VanProoyen, N8PQK
  • Observing a Lunar Eclipse at 12 GHz, by Paul Oxley
  • Improvements to a Digital Baseband Four Channel Receiver, by Paul Oxley
  • Solid State Spectral Imager (SSSI) on a Chip and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life, by Thaddaeus Hannel
  • Introducing a new Radio Astronomy software application, by Shad Nygren, KD7WMX
  • NASA Space Exploration and Radio Astronomy, by John C. Mannone
  • A low cost Pulsar Machine, by James VanProoyen, N8PQK
  • Sputnik and SETI: Uniting East and West, by Prof. H. Paul Shuch, N6TX
  • Interferometry of the Sun at 4 GHz, by Wayne Thresher,
  • SARA Journal Archives Available on CD-ROM