Saturday Oct. 22 Tamke-Allan Observatory

8:00 Registration -- SpectraCyber/SDR-14 observes outer Galactic Rim (demo)

8:30 David Fields Welcome to TAO (local orientation, possibilities)

8:45 Paul Oxley Welcome to SARA regional conference (registration, SARA membership)

9:00 Chuck Higgins Juno to Jupiter: How Radio Jove Might Participate

9:45 Carl Lyster Naval Space Surveillance Radar (demo) and Coffee

10:15 Stan Kurtz Software-defined radio: a Low-cost Introduction to Radio Astronomy for Mexican Universities and High Schools

11:00 Paul Oxley A Breadboard RASDR

11:45 Lunch (sandwiches, chips, drinks) at TAO

12:45 Group Photo

13:00 Bogdan Vacaliuc RASDR Prototype using Femtocell Technology

13:45 Carl Lyster Signal Hound USB Spectrum Analyzer (demo)

14:15 Coffee and discussion

14:30 David Fields The Lost Bands: Rediscovery and Importance

15:00 Joe Teague RASDR Software in Linux

15:15 David Fields RASDR Software in Windows

15:30 Bogdan Vacaliuc USB logic analyzer/oscilloscope (demo)

15:45 Carl Lyster Ten-Tec wide coverage receiver kit for Jove application (demo)

16:15 Paul/David Door Prizes

17:30 Meet for Dinner at Gondolier

20:00 Carl Lyster SpectraCyber/SDR-14 looks at Galaxy Center (demo)

20:30 Conversation, stargazing, collaboration and projects