2020 SARA Annual Conference

We are continuing plans to hold the 2020 SARA Annual Conference at the Green Bank Observatory (GBO) in Green Bank, West Virginia on August 2 to 5, 2020.  The Green Bank Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation and is operated by Associated Universities, Inc. Information about the GBO is available here: https://greenbankobservatory.org   

SARA 2020 Western Conference canceled

On March 5, the SARA Western Conference coordinator was notified that the Very Large Array (VLA) facility would not be able to host the 2020 Western Conference this year due to concerns about the corona virus outbreak.

2019 SARA Conference - Video recordings

SARA at Dayton Hamvention 2019

SARA was represented at the Dayton 2019 Hamvention this year again with a double booth in the Volta Building at the Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia, Ohio. Ed Harfmann, Jim Sky, Bogdan Vacaliuc, Dave Fields, and Tom Hagen manned the exhibit for the 3-day event on Friday, May 17 through Sunday, May 19. Several hundred people stopped by and I am continually amazed by our visitors’ breadth of knowledge and experience. A number of possible SARA collaborations could result from these contacts.

2019 SARA Western Post Conference Comments

Well, I had a great time at the SARA West conference. Everyone was really nice and welcoming, and there were many amazing presentations. Honestly, I didn't know quite what to expect. I've done a little bit, a very little bit, of radio astronomy with my students: some Project Jove, some meteorite detection using ionospheric reflection. But mostly, my astronomy work has been with neutrinos on the IceCube neutrino detector at the South Pole, and the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope, and “regular” optical astronomy using telescopes that look like telescopes.


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