Where can I get it?

We have two sources for receivers based on the RASDR concept (wide-bandwidth, Windows-compatible, documented SDR for Radio Astronomy). Both are also served by several Linux applications:

  • RASDR3: SDR operation from 400-3800MHz based on our RASDR2 dual board design using the LMS6002D chip, plus expansion module options (Bogdan is handling design): www.rasdr.org or www.rasdr.com
  • RASDR4: SDR operation from 0.1-3800MHz, with dual receivers, wider bandwidth and based on a LMS7002M chip single-board LimeSDR, available at $289 https://www.crowdsupply.com/lime-micro/limesdr
    A RASDR4 basic enclosure kit with and without a fan is now available on RASDRLLC.com
    For more information, please check the SARA Journal or the Proceedings of our meetings. You're also invited to join the RASDR User Group.