SARA Officers and Appointees

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position term name ham call email
Founder Life Jeff Lichtman KI4GIY jeff_at_radioastronomysupplies_dot_com
President 2016-2018 Ken Redcap KR5ARA Contact President
Vice-President 2016-2018 Adrian Howell NE9Y Contact Vicepresident
Secretary 2015-2019 Bruce Randall NT4RT Contact Secretary
Treasurer 2016-2019 Dennis Farr WB4RJK Contact Treasurer
Webmaster open Ciprian Sufitchi N2YO Contact Webmaster
Journal Editor open Kathryn Hagen n/a Contact Editor
Journal Contributing Editor open Christian Monstein n/a Contact Editor
Journal Contributing Editor open Whitham Reeve N/A whitreeve_at_gmail_dot_com
Journal Contributing Editor open Stan Nelson KB5VL Contact Editor
Librarian open      
Awards Chairman open Jeff Lichtman KI4GIY jeff_at_radioastronomysupplies_dot_com
Technical Queries open David Westman   Contact Technical Queries
Educational Outreach open Jon Wallace   Contact Educational Outreach

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