Information for first time SARA Conference attendees

  • Digital cameras are not allowed on the NRAO bus tour of the big telescopes. This is because they cause interference. If you want to take pictures, you can bring a non-digital camera or buy one of the disposable cameras in the gift shop. You can use your digital cameras in limited areas.
  • Your cell phones will not work. The area in and around NRAO is an electronic “quiet zone”. If you bring a laptop, plan to turn off the wireless connection. NRAO has a specially shielded room where you can use a computer to check e-mails while you are there. If you stay in the NRAO dorm, you have hard line internet connection for your computer in your room.
  • You really do get to use the 40’ telescope. You will be walked through the basics of using the telescope Sunday afternoon. You will have the opportunity during the time you are at the conference to use the telescope. Many members bring their own radios and computers to use on the 40’ dish.
  • The Jansky antenna is available to hook up to your Jove or other radio. The antenna cable is run upstairs in the Drake lounge at the dormitory. It is a good idea to bring some antenna connection adapters.
  • Gasoline cars are allowed into the main parking area, but are not allowed beyond the gate to the big telescopes. A limited number of diesel vehicles are available to drive to the big dishes. A limited number of bicycles are available for your use on the grounds as well. You are welcome to bring your own bicycle.
  • Bring closed-toe shoes. They are required if we are able to go on a tour of the big telescopes.
  • You might want to bring a lawn chair for the astronomy on the lawn in the evenings.