2012 SARA Annual Meeting and Conference

2012 SARA Annual Meeting and Conference

Pictured from left to right, front to back:

Rick Neuman, Sue Ann Heatherly, Bob Fritzuis, Namir Kassim and his daughter, Sarah Scoles, Carl Lyster

Kerry Smith, Mike Mruzek, Mohammed Hassan, Allene Butler, Bruce Randall, Dave Cohen, Bogdan Vacaliuc, Ken Redcap, Preston Ozmar, Jim Brown, Walter Miller, Karen Mehlmauer, Sid Johnston, David Fields

Bill Lord, Stephen Biggs, Scott Lansdale, Tom Crowley, Bob Kroll, Don Hutchens, Jeff Kruth, John Mannone, Tom Butler, Paul Oxley, Jim Youngblood, David Westman, Nick Reuss, Jon Wallace, James Thompson, John Anderson, William Dean, Mark Riggs, Bill Seymour, Chuck Forster, Mark Gibson, Rob Davis, Tom Hagan.

Non pictured- John Avellone, Melinda Lord and Jay Whipple

Photo courtesy of Carl Lyster

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