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An excellent summary of SETI searches worldwide, both amateur and professional, can be found at Sky & Telescope's SETI site. Check it out!

Long-time SARA member Mike Valdez has posted an on-line edition of his book Radio Astronomy for Beginners, as well as copies of numerous Amateur Radio Astronomy articles he authored for the SARA Journal.

Phil Beastall has launched UKARANET , the UK Amateur Radio Astronomy Network. This site includes projects for beginners in Amateur Radio Astronomy, general information, and also encourages the pursuit of amateur RA in the UK.

Jim Brown of the South Carolina State University Radio Observatory has created the Stanback Planetarium Amateur Radio Astronomy Website, which also provides extensive information on radio JOVE news. You can also view the details of his 145 Mhz radio telescope, and the Dual Frequency Solar/Jupiter Radio Telescope, for which Jim is the principle investigator.

Chuck Forster has created the Waterhole newsletter which covers a variety of interesting Radio Astronomy and SETI topics. Current and back-issue archives are available at .

Hans  Michlmayr has constructed a  1400 MHz  phase  switched  interferometer in Western Australia using two 5-meter parabolic antennas, and has made a series of excellent observations.

The Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing research and educational access to radio (and optical) astronomy for a broad cross-section of users.  Special thanks to Don Cline and Charles Osborne of PARI who have provided years of help to the SARA membership.

A group of radio meteor observers in Jordan (Moh'd Alawneh, Moh'd Odeh, and Tareq Katbeh) have set up a web site about their Observation of Meteors by Radio project.

Members of the Eastern Michigan University Astronomy Club have set up a 1.42GHz radio telescope using a converted, steerable 10-foot satellite dish.

A 1420 MHz amateur radio telescope in Germany was built and is operated by members of the Starkenburg-Sternwarte in Heppenheim, Germany.

Malcolm Mallette of the University of Indianapolis has established a 5 meter radio telescope and an outstanding web site featuring real time data and real time data graphing as well as technical information and educational materials. Check it out!

A Radio Astronomy Primer  has been prepared  by SARA Member Cliff Bates.

The SETI Endeavor  site is presented by Stephen Zarkos.

SETI@HOME  is an experiment to harness the spare power of hundreds of thousands of
Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI.)

Randy Stegemeyer has established a web site for his 5.2 Meter Radio Astronomy Antenna for 1420 MHz .

A new Amateur Radio Astronomy Mail List  is available to share information and ideas regarding amateur radio astronomy. This list is operated by David Tillman.

The SARA 408 MHz Quagi Antenna by Hal Braschwitz, Jim Carroll, and Chuck Forster.

RADIO ASTRONOMY SUPPLIES, 9215 NW 61 Street,Tamarac, FL  33321  (Ph: (954) 722-5243 )  or email to Jeff Lichtman. NEW! Jeff has just published a comprehensive book called Amateur Radio Astronomy: Systems, Procedures, and Projects .

The Apple Valley Science & Technology Center, which operates the Goldstone - Apple Valley Radio Telescope complex project, and supports K-12 programs.

Paul Titze maintains a worthwhile site on various topics including radio astronomy.

The Radio Meteor Observations Homepage - informs about amateur radio astronomy observations made by the radio meteor forward scatter observatory in Villach, Austria.

Amateur Interest Group Information on SETI, Radio Astronomy, Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) Ham Radio, and Weak Signal detection, maintained by SARA member Rein Smit.

Project BAMBI

The SETI Institute

Astronomy & Astrophysics List - WWW Virtual Library

The SETI League

The Society for Amateur Scientists

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