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SARA Journal Archives Available on CD-ROM

The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers has a CD available for sale which covers the society journal "Radio Astronomy" from the founding of the organization in 1981 thru 2008. Articles cover a wide range of topics including: cosmic radiation, pulsars, quasars, meteor detection, solar observing, Jupiter, Radio Jove, gamma ray bursts, the Itty Bitty Telescope (IBT), dark matter, black holes, the Jansky antenna, methanol masers, mapping at 408 MHz and more.

This CD contains all of the above and more with over 4500 pages of articles on radio astronomy. Also included is a copy of Grote Reber's handwritten, 34 page document "Carriage and Mirror Detail" of his historic antenna now on display at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Green bank, WV.

You also get an electronic copy of the 109 page "Basics of Radio Astronomy" from JPL Goldstone-Apple Valley Radio Telescope. Also included is the NRAO 40-foot radio telescope "Operators Manual", which by the way, you get to operate if you attend the annual SARA conference in June.

US $ Prices:
Members: For the disk alone: $15 free postage
Disk + 1 year membership extension: $30
Non Members: For the disk alone: $25 free postage
Disk + 1 year membership: $30
Overseas Members: For the disk alone: $20 Airmail postage
Disk + 1 year membership extension: $35

Ordering Instructions
Order via email from SARA secretary at treasurer_at_radio-astronomy_dot_org. Please remit your payment to our Treasurer by mail:

Melinda Lord
354 N West Cir NW
Cleveland, TN 37312-1011

or remit via PayPal, using the link below:

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