2020 SARA Annual Conference

2020 SARA Annual Conference will be held in Green Bank, West Virginia, USA

August 2-5, 2020


We are continuing plans to hold the 2020 SARA Annual Conference at the Green Bank Observatory (GBO) in Green Bank, West Virginia on August 2 to 5, 2020.  The Green Bank Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation and is operated by Associated Universities, Inc. Information about the GBO is available here: https://greenbankobservatory.org   


Online Option: Due to potential travel restrictions, an online option will be available for both presenters and participants. The interactive online will provide real-time access to the conference. In the case that Green Bank cancels the physical conference, the interactive online conference will go on.


Opportunity for International and National Presenters: The online option now makes it possible to extend an invitation for all members to submit a paper for the Annual conference. All papers will be presented online, which includes the Green Bank conference participants. SARA members and supporters wishing to present a paper should email a letter of intent, including a proposed title and abstract to the conference coordinator (DrRichRussel@netscape.net) no later than 1 June 2020. Formal proceedings will be published for this conference.


Price for Online Participation: The price for participation online is $20.  Membership is required for access to the online option as well as attendance at GBO.  The web site will be updated soon indicating the options.